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Overview of Newtown Railroads

Selecting the Topo choice in Acme Mapper shows where the old railroad lines were by clearly indicating embankments.
Acme Mapper - Newtown (new window/tab)

newtown ct topo

Where the railroads intersected at the tunnel location, the curve of the lower level NY&NE becomes apparent.

newtown ct topo rr lines

The World Topo 4U is the clearest indicator of the current and orginal ROWs.

World Topo 4U

In addition, the "missing section" of embankment visible from Echo Valley Road (#3) is indicated on the map; as well as the reroute of the Housatonic as it approaches Newtown from the northwest (#4).

newtown ct topo -- rr highlights

Bing Map's Bird’s Eye Views are leafless and show the curves of the old routes very well

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