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Danbury and Harlem Traction company

East of Danbury, CT

The Danbury and Harlem Traction Company was a proposed trolley line to connect Danbury, Connecticut, with the New York Central Railroad station at Goldens Bridge, New York. Established in 1901, a short section was graded from the Danbury Fairgrounds, west through Ridgebury, Connecticut, and eventually just across the state line to North Salem.

Aside from a few initial test runs, there is no indication that regular service was ever offered on the partially completed line. The rails were lifted sometime between 1910 and 1915, and the project was abandoned.


A 1912 Bers Map shows the Rail Line
1912 Beers Map

Retracing Remnants...

Despite the short-lived abortive history of the this Company, there are still quite a few remnants of the trolley grading.

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Bing Bird's Eye Views

Bing Bird’s Eye Views show the ROW. Be sure to pan and zoom any of the views below to get a better idea of where the trolley line went...

Further Info and Photos

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