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Did you know that thousands of miles of railroads have been abandoned in the United States, much of it in the last few decades? *

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* Source: encyclopedia.com

Rail Trail Rides and Resesearch

A large amount of the railroad lines in the northeast U.S. disappeared in the late 1930s. All of these railroad lines have a fascinating history. Although much has been published about the glory days of railroading, little has been documented regarding their present state. The photos, maps and research presented here are dedicated to the preservation of their history and a knowledge resource for reference.

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Island Line Rail Trail (Colchester Causeway) Exploring Railroads in Vermont Crown Point Iron Company Railroad Warren County Bikeway (Glens Falls to Lake George Hudson Crossings and Moses Kill Trek Saratoga/Schenectady and Vicinity The West River Railroad Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad Ithaca/Owego Biking and Exploring Vestal Rail Trail Retracing Abandoned Railroads in Dutchess and Columbia County Duchess County and The Walkway Over The Hudson Westchester County Treks "New York City and Hoboken Western Connecticut Railroad History Exploring Central Connecticut Trestle Trail - Summit, Rhode Island Cape Cod Rail Trail New Canaan Branch Line

A Few Highlights...

RR Abandonments Timeline
Railroad Abandonments Timeline
A timeline of eastern New York and western Connecticut railroad abandonments, most of which have been visited "in the field" and documented.
Rock Cut
Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington Railroad
Affectionately known as the "Hoot, Toot & Whistle", this little-known narrow gauge had a colorful history. It's a fascinating saga of the importance of the logging business in the late 1800s and the hydroelectic potential in the region by the early 20th century.
Ithaca/Owego - Railroad History
Did you know that one of the earliest railroads ever built in America connected Owego to Ithaca? Active rail trails have brought some the area’s colorful railroad past to light but this hippie-infused town may not be aware of some of the early struggles.
Danbury/Newtown RRs
Abandoned Railroads Near Danbury/Newtown, CT
There is a abundance of interesting railroad history in this area. Abandoned tunnels, long forgotten railbeds and vestiges of massive stone bridge abutments unveil a colorful history of the struggles and triumphs of yesteryear railroading.
Crown Point Iron Company Railroad
An abandoned town and a long-forgotten narrow gauge railroad were a short lived industrial giant in the region.
Ties In The Woods
Rhinecliff Branch - Central New England Railroad
An overgrown railroad cut visible from the Taconic Parkway prompted research on this abandoned railroad line. Known as the Huckleberry Line, it was opened in 1875 and abandoned in 1938.
West River Rail Trail
The West River Railroad - Brattleboro, VT
1879 to 1936 - Originally a narrow gauge that ran 36 miles linking the industrial communities of Brattleboro and Londonderry, the West River Railroad was later rebuilt to standard gauge. 16 miles are now rail trails.
Mattabsseet River
Railroad Remnants near Cromwell, CT
A couple of picturesque photos of the old ROW on a winter's day.

Railroad Details

NYS RR Timetables
New York State Railroad Timetables Found in Old Newspapers
A facinating look back at the imporatnce of the New York State railroad system by looking at old newspapers
U.S. Railroads
Future of U.S. Railroads
From the glory days as the railroad envy of the world to its current sorry state of affairs; a look at what happened to our train system and what is needed to get it back on track.
Connecticut Railroads
Historical Maps of Connecticut Railroads and Trolleys
A compilation of Connecticut historical railroad and trolley maps. Thumbnail navigation provides easy visual access to a variety of online maps and historical info.
New Canaan Branch Line Railroad
The New Canaan Branch Line Railroad
An in-depth look with interactive maps and historical photos.
HVRR - Trolley Bridge
Abandoned Railroads and Trolleys
Retracing long forgotten railroads and trolleys in upstate NY. Replete with photos of abandonment in the field, historical research and a variety of interactive maps.
MMER - Mocow Depot
Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad
From 1897 through 1932 the Mt. Mansfield Electric Railroad connected Waterbury and Stowe. It is an interesting little known saga. Climbing steep slopes were tough for the rail’s tiny power station and clay rail beds routinely slithered into the tracks during rainstorms.
MMER - Mocow Depot
Proposed (Unfinished) Railroads in Southwestern Connecticut
Railroads that never were. History Resurfaced - Tracing vestiges in the field.
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