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Embankment Mystery...

Glimpses of Railroad Remnants near Cromwell, CT

Mattabesset River near Interstate 91

A few times when I've traveled north on Interstate 91 between New Haven and Hartford, I thought I noticed what appeared to be an old railroad bed at Location A. I was curious and looked it up on the ITO map. It turned out to be the old ROW of the Meriden, Waterbury and Connecticut River Railroad.

Cromwell RR Map
Meriden Branch and the Middletown Branch of the NYNH&H
Look how you can make out the abandoned ROW as a "diagonal" on the 1954 topo

Feb 22nd, 2015 - A quick jaunt eastward on Rt 372 rewarded me with more views of the ROW. Looking south at Location B one gets a clear view of the embankment on the north bank of the Mattabesset River. Although it looks like an old railroad right of way—all historical maps indicate the ROW on the south side of the river along here. It must be a dike for flood control... (?)

I stopped at Location #1 and took a nice shot of this embankment in the sunset and drove on up and into the housing complex to shoot Photos #2 and #3. Photo #3 is a nice tribute to the railroad history!


A short drive further up the road provided me with a view of the ROW as it passed by the north shore of the marshy lake (Location C) but the huge snowbanks along the road made it impossible to stop and take a shot.

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Bing Bird’s Eye Views

Other Photos

It turns there has been quite a bit of abandoned photo documentation of this line. This Flicker collection is quite extensive MWCR Railroad Research and even has an interactive map showing you the locations of the photos. Nicely done!

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