The Future of U.S. Railroads?

Future of U.S. Railroads
Transforming Transportation

Transforming Transportation - The Future of U.S. Railroads?

All this talk recently on the energy crisis and a push towards high-speed rail prompted this interactive narrative: a detailed examination of the state of our nation's railroad system and our current woefully misguided transportation network. America's railroads—if given the proper attention and resources they need/deserve—offer an economically and ecologically valid alternative and a much needed hope and promise for our future.

If we fail to muster the necessary courage and resolve this fundamental flaw in our mindset, we will ALL be standing silent, wondering and waiting for the trains that will never return...

posted 1-2-12

"Re-Training" America

From the glory days as the railroad envy of the world to its current sorry state of affairs; a look at what happened to our train system and what is needed to get it back on track. As America faces increasing energy and transportation challenges, trains make sense - Read Why >

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