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Remnants of the Schenectady Railway

Uncovering the Past...

History was uncovered in 2011 when the Glenridge Road construction unearthed the little known existence of trolley tunnels. Compare this Construction Tunnel Photo with an Historical Photo of Trolley Emerging from Tunnel.

As you can see from this map, this trolley system, known as the Schenectady Railway Company was quite extensive and connected Saratoga, Schenectady, Albany and Troy. The Rail Trail in Ballston Lake was once the right of way (ROW) on the branch to Saratoga.

The surprise unearthing of the trolley tunnels (mentioned in the Retracing the Right of Way link listed below) and my unexpected discovery of a moss-covered bridge abutment in the woods (see the Mystery Ruins page listed below) piqued my curiosity... How much more of this old interurban line is still visible?

Online Resources

Gino's Rail and Trolley Museum

There is a wonderful website devoted to this historical trolley line: The Schenectady Railway Company. Full of photos and captions, it's a fascinating look back at a bygone era. The author has also published a book. You can get a sneak peak at its contents via Amazon >

Schenectady Railway Souvenir Guide

A 1905 Publication of a Schenectady Railway Souvenir Guide was passed on to me as a family heirloom. I have scanned and posted a fantastic map of the system and photographs of the Ballston Lake Amusement area, etc. Details >

Schenectady Railway Tourist Brochure

A delightful brochure "Take a Trolley Ride" written around 1910, discussed local attractions all over the area when riding the Trolley. Details >

Schenectady Railway Building

After years of neglect and destructive alterations, the Schenectady Railway Building was restored to its original glory in 2018. Details >


Treks "in the field" to document traces of the former trolley line...

Mystery Ruins

Old abutment mysteriously looming in the woods. Visit >

Crossing the Mohawk River

Did you know that the Schenectady-Saratoga Trolley bridge was the longest trolley bridge in the world?. Visit >

Retracing the Right of Way

Moving north from Alplaus to just north of Ballston Spa, this trek documented any still-existing visible traces of the Schenectady Railway’s branch to Saratoga. Includes link to the Glenridge Road "Trolley Tunnels." Visit >

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