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With the rapid decline of many established industries, not only in upstate New York but all across America during the 1970s, industrial archaeologists began to take on a new role of recording and preserving recently closed sites rather than focusing on antiquities. These stark relics are not only a poignant reminder of lives and times now forgotten, but a indication of how fast society is changing...

- Saratoga County-

Saratoga Springs Air Force Station

Chernobyl? No, an abandoned Air Force Base near Saratoga...safb

From 1952 to 1977, the Saratoga Springs Air Force Station (also known as the Schuylerville Air Force Station) was part of the North American Air Defense Command’s early warning system (NORAD), built to provide a first warning in the event Soviet strategic bombers were sent this way. Referred by locals as "the old radar site" — in it's heyday, the base had a total military population around 200 and was replete with a bowling alley and a ski slope.

By the 1970s, satellites were making early-detection radar stations obsolete and the military closed it in 1977.


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Victory Mills

Victory Mills

A castle in England used as a setting for the next episode of Dark Shadows? Nope, this is an abandoned mill north of Saratoga.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, this enormous complex was built in 1918 and features six tower structures, five for stairs and one holding a water tower. It operated as a textile mill until 1929, when operations moved to Alabama.

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Homestead Hospital

Of course, no page listing abandoned sites in the Saratoga area can be complete without mentioning the Infamous Homestead "Haunted" Hospital. This two-story brick building has had a varied history as a health care facility. Opened in 1912 as a county-owned TB sanatorium until 1960, it then served as the county public nursing home — until 1979. In the early 1980s the county sold it. There were plans to develop a drug treatment center or another health care-related facility but so far, nothing has changed and its has been cordoned off.

Believe to be haunted, there are numerous YouTube Videos posted. A Link to the Video Collections is available on this page >

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Homestead Sanatorium
-Schenectady County-

ALCO Factory

One hundred twelve years of locomotive production came to a sad close when the once proud and powerful ALCO factory complex was reduced to rubble in July 2011. For many decades, the city of Schenectady was billed as "the city that lights and hauls the world," as it was home to both General Electric and the American Locomotive Company (more commonly known as Alco).

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ALCO ruins

ALCO ruins

ALCO ruins

- Albany County-

Starlite Music Theatre - Latham, NY

The Starlite Music Theatre, fondly known as “the tent” went by many names over the years including Colonie Coliseum. This was a theater-in-the-round and seated 1,800 people around a central stage. By 1969, the tent had been replaced by a more permanent building seating 3,000. Theatre productions declined soon after, giving way to Las Vegas concert acts in the 1970s before the Starlite fell on hard times. It closed in 1997.

A Short History >

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Starlite Music Theater
- Montgomery County-

Abandoned power plant along the Mohawk

Adirondack Power and Light Plant

The Adirondack Power and Light Plant was originally a steam electric plant put into operation in 1922. It was designed by the world famous architectual firm of McKim, Mead and White of New York City and is located on the south side of the Mohawk River near Lock 10 of the Erie Barge Canal. This abandoned power plant is now used for storage by the Cranesville Block Co.

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