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S&S Trestle Remnants
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Fish Creek Trestle

Retracing the S & S ROW - Section 2

On July 25th, 2014 - a kayak trip up Fish Creek finally got me close enough to take some photos of the trestle remains. Accompanied by my good friend Gary (who has been along on a few of my other RR research treks), we kayaked from Stafford's Bridge up to the trestle remains and continued on all the way up to the dam. Its a great place to kayak and the weather was perfect!

Fish Creek Trestle 1

The ROW looking southwest (back towards Saratoga)
Fish Creek Trestle 3

Lookng northeast towards the Creek...
Fish Creek Trestle 3

...a trek thru the bushes provided this view...
Fish Creek Trestle 4
Trestle Over Fish Creek

Back on on the water - a close up
Fish Creek Trestle 5

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