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Northern Vermont Interurbans

Maps and Details on the Interurbans Systems in New England

Mt. Mansfield ElectricDespite mountainous terrain and devastating floods, sparsely populated Vermont did develop a few trolley systems. Burlington, Waterbury and Stowe and Montpelier and Barre all had active interurbans by the early 1900s.

The Burlington system helped nurture economic activities for the merchants and industries of surrounding cities and at its zenith, its passenger service operated on quick schedules (usually 20-minute routes) and fast speeds (25 to 30 miles per hour). As in other surrounding states, once the automobile became more popular, ridership declined in the late 1920s.

Northern Vermont Area Map

Pan and zoom in and out on the map below for a detailed understanding of the various trolley companies in service in 1924.

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Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life

Burlington icon

  • 1872-1893 - Winooski & Burlington Horse Railroad Company
    1893-1928 - Burlington Traction Company
    1928(9) - streetcars discontinued

Montpelier/Barre icon

  • 1890s-1925 - Barre & Montpelier Traction Company
    1925-1927 - Vergennes Power Co.
    1927 - streetcars discontinued

St. Albans (not on map)

  • 1904-1912 - St. Albans Street Railway
    1924 - streetcars discontinued

Waterbury/Stowe icon

  • 1897-1932 - Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad
    1932 - streetcars discontinued

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Barre & Montpelier Traction

Burlington Traction Company

Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad



The Electric Interurban Railways in America
by George Woodman Hilton, ‎John Fitzgerald

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - 1924 Vermont

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