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Southern Tier Interurbans

Maps and Details on the Interurbans Systems in New York

Stewart Ave TrolleyIn the southern tier, growing cities extended their street cars lines to nearby towns. Binghamton, Cortland, Elmira and even tiny Hornell and Penn Yan had interurbans. Geneva was well connected to Syracuse and the east/west interurban thoroughfare developing across the state.

IWhat About Ithaca?
Ithaca’s local streetcar system: the Ithaca Street Railway, provided trolley service from 1884 until 1935. Despite the tough terrain, streetcars traversed it’s deep gorges on picturesque bridges and connected the surrounding populated hillsides to downtown.

Sadly, the interurban route up to to Auburn did not fare so well. Throughout its short life, the Short Line (as it was known to residents) faced stiff competition from Lehigh Valley's Ithaca & Auburn Branch as well as struggling with Ithaca’s steep hills and harsh upstate winters. The last run on the main line was made in 1923 and it was formally abandoned in 1924. That’s why it appears as a dotted line on the map.

Southern Tier Area Map

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Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life


  • 1868-1892 - several companies
    1892-1901 - Binghamton Railroad
    1901-1929 - Binghamton Railway Co.
    1929-1937 - Triple Cities Traction Corp. (Associated Gas & Electric Co.)
    1930's - streetcars discontinued


  • 1887-1912 - Ithaca Street Railway Co.
    1912-1929 - Ithaca Traction Co.
    1929-1961 - Ithaca Railway, Inc.
    1935 - streetcars discontinued
  • 1908-1912 - New York, Auburn and Lansing Railroad (Ithaca-Auburn Shortline)
    1912-1923 - Central New York Southern Railroad
    1924 - formally abandoned


  • 1870-1900 - several companies
    1900-1929 - Elmira Water Light & Railroad Co.
    1929-1932 - Elmira Water Light & Railroad Co. (Associated Gas & Electric Co.)
    1932-1936 - Elmira Light Heat & Power Co. (Associated Gas & Electric Co.)
    1936 - streetcars discontinued


  • 1893-1909 - Hornellsville Electric Railway
    1893-1909 - Hornellsville and Canisteo Railway
    1909-1926 - Hornell Traction Company

Further Details

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Did You Know?
Ithaca was the third city in New York State to use trolleys, after Brooklyn and Binghamton.



The Electric Interurban Railways in America
by George Woodman Hilton, ‎John Fitzgerald

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