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Utica / Oneonta Interurbans

Maps and Details on the Interurbans Systems in New York

SNYAlthough a complete interurban connection between Albany and Buffalo was never completed, by the early 1900s it was possible to travel by trolley from Utica all the way to Buffalo and points beyond (Erie PA, etc.). Now part of a broader system called the New York State Railways, the Utica and Mohawk Valley Railway paralleled much of the canal but the route of the Oneida Railway cut directly west to Syracuse.

The other major interurban in the Utica area was the Southern New York Railway which ran north/south and connected Oneonta with Herkimer. During the railway’s heyday, it operated 65 miles of track and had 109 trains operating daily, moving not only passengers, but freight as well.

Utica / Oneonta Area Map

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Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life


  • 1864-1868 - Utica & Westerville Railroad Co.
    1868-1886 - Utica Clinton & Binghamton Railway Co.
    1886-1901 - Utica Belt Line Street Railroad
    1901-1909 - Utica & Mohawk Valley Railway
    1909-1928 - New York State Railways
    1928-1935 - New York State Railways (Associated Gas & Electric Co.)
    1935-1948 - New York State Railways
    1941 - streetcars discontinued


  • 1885-1907 - Rome City Street Railway
    1907-1909 - Utica & Mohawk Valley Railway
    1909-1928 - New York State Railways
    1928-1933 - New York State Railways (Associated Gas & Electric Co.)
    1933 - streetcars discontinued


  • 1887-1897 - Oneonta Street Railway
    1897-1900 - Oneonta & Otsego Valley Railroad
    1900-1906 - Oneonta Cooperstown & Richfield Springs Railway
    1906-1908 - Oneonta & Mohawk Valley Railway
    1908-1916 - Otsego & Herkimer Railroad
    1916-1924 - Southern New York Power & Railway Co.
    1924-1926 - Southern New York Railway
    1926 - streetcars discontinued

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The Electric Interurban Railways in America
by George Woodman Hilton, ‎John Fitzgerald

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

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