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Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire Trolleys

Maps and Details on the Interurbans Systems in New England

Nashua TrolleyIn addition to several isolated trolley lines scattered throughout the state (Berlin, Keene, etc.), there was a continuous trolley route extending from Penacook and Concord to the sea at Hampton Beach — and even on to Portsmouth. In 1915, the distance by electric trolley from Concord to Portsmouth was 102 miles and the trip required some seven hours to complete -- at a cost of $1.26! The journey passed over the tracks of five separate companies and crossed the New Hampshire-Massachusetts state line four times. Four changes of cars were required -- at Manchester, Hudson, Haverhill, and Hampton Beach -- but schedules were arranged to provide close connections at all points.

Gradual abandonment of the Concord to Portsmouth route occurred between 1924 and 1933 but the last urban passenger-carrying trolleys to operate in New Hampshire were those of the Manchester Street Railway which didn’t motorized its system until 1940.
^ Source: Remember The Trolley?

Manchester Area

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Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life

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