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Augusta/Waterville Maine Interurbans

Maps and Details on the Interurbans Systems in New England

Waterville TrolleyIn 1890, the first trolley line began operation down Water Street, connecting Augusta with Gardiner and Hallowell to the south. Augusta’s fourth trolley line was the one that the Waterville region came to know best – the Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville Street Railway. In 1907, the legislature approved the consolidation of four previously chartered companies: the Lewiston, Brunswick and Bath; the Auburn and Mechanic Falls; the Augusta, Winthrop and Gardiner; and the Augusta and Waterville. The new company was named the Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville Street Railway. The Androscoggin and Kennebec was formed in 1919 and took over the Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville line.

The Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville Street Railway had 153 miles of service trackage. The Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville Street Railway's high point in passenger traffic was during the year ending December 31, 1917, when 15,499,524 riders traveled on the electric railway. The last interurban trolley car ran between Waterville and Lewiston on Sunday, July 31,1932.

Augusta/Waterville Area Map

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Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life

All Interurban timeline info sourced from the highly informative site:
Interurban Railways in Maine



  • 1890-1902 - Augusta Hallowell & Gardiner Railroad
    1902-1908 - Augusta Winthrop & Gardiner Railroad
    1908-1919 - Lewiston Augusta & Waterville Street Railway
    1919-1932 - Androscoggin & Kennebec Railway
    1932 - streetcars discontinued


  • 1887-1891 - Waterville & Fairfield Railroad Co.
    1891-1911 - Waterville & Fairfield Railway & Light Co.
    1911-1925 - Waterville Fairfield & Oakland Railway
    1925-1933 - Waterville Fairfield & Oakland Railway (Middle West Utilities Co.)
    1933-1937 - Waterville Fairfield & Oakland Railway (New England Public Service Co.)
    1937 - streetcars discontinued

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The Electric Interurban Railways in America
by George Woodman Hilton, ‎John Fitzgerald

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection - 1924 - Maine

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