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Willow Glen Trolley Bridge Ruins

Retracing the Hudson Valley Railway - Section 3

April 5th, 2012 - Undoubtedly the grand finale to our efforts was seeing the bridge at Willow Glen. It was truly spectacular and an impressive reminder of the scale and legacy of the trolley era. What’s even more amazing is how few people even know that this exists!

Although it was cloudy and gray all day, after examining the structure and snapping photos, the sun came out! We were blessed!!

Mini Map
HVRR Trolley Bridge Ruins

Historical Photos

Built in 1902, this took a lot of manpower. The top photo shows the construction crew on a similar HVRR trolley bridge over Moses Kill. (Bing Aerial View >). The lower photo is an historical photo of the Willow Glen Bridge.

Historical Photo

Current Photos

View a short user-driven slide show of the bridge ruins...

Willow Glen Bridge Remnants (8 Slides)

Bird's Eye View

Using Google Aerial View, you can get a nice view of the bridge in the midst of its surroundings.

Future Development in the Area

Massive redevelopment for the railroad yard nearby is "in the works" and/or planned for the near future:
Article Dated Mar 24, 2012 - Expanding the Mechanical Railroad Yard >

- Closing Thoughts -

Sadly (do I sound like a broken record?) this seems to be another forgotten discard “unworthy of mention” as a landmark of any importance to local historians and preservationists. One wonders…will this bridge — a wonderful relic from yesteryear — be destroyed in the expected redevelopment in this area and simply "tossed in the dust heaps of history forgotten"?

Let's hope not...

Rich Coffey - April 8th, 2014

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