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A deep sense of purposelessness
generated by the American Dream...
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The American Dream?

The core of the rot that permeates our society is the deep sense of purposelessness generated by the American Dream. Our social instability is caused by a steady erosion of standards and values.

Sadly, we are guilty of foreclosing our own future... Our landscape, our environment, our society as a whole has little sense of value for the community and/or very few of us have the innate civic responsibility to maintain the connectedness of our neighborhoods...

We (as Americans) are conditioned to live in a wasteland of sprawlscape with little sense of hometown pride and are rarely nurtured to develop a quiet yet sincere bond with our local community..

Everybody is out for himself... There is no one to lookup to anymore! CEOs steal millions on a daily basis (and little see real jail time); political leaders lie through their teeth; small town cohesiveness is constantly being destroyed by big box retailers and short-lived ugly strip malls []; while music and the arts are delegated to a remote dusty corner of "dubious social value" in our education system.

Meanwhile, slimeballs rise to the top, honest hardworking citizens are outsourced, displaced (law of eminent domain) and relegated to menial labor (or worse) just to survive...

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A True US Patriot loves what his country stands for, not necessarily what his country does, and will not shrink from holding America to her ideals.
- Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune (see below)

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Of Interest

The American Dream: the idea that through intelligence and hard work you can move up from the social class of your parents.

see speech "Reflections on the Columbine School Massacre"
by James Howard Kunstler

a veteran speaks... What happened to the American Dream?

Consider the American Dream, It still exists... in Scandinavia and Canada.

Mexicans Risk Life and Limb for a Taste of the American Dream

The American Dream -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The rot is that what the majority of the American public values as good is in fact the very source of our problems. The rot in America is that the quick and easy answer, whether true or not, is the only one that matters.

The rot is evidenced by the fact that we live in a nation that has enough private wealth to fundamentally and deeply change the world for the better, yet we waste money on SUVs and lavish home furnishings rather than figure out how to actually help the world.

We have convinced ourselves that consumerism is helping the world, and that if it isn't, then its our "right" not to help anyway. This rotting core is sold to us every day here in America and the reality is the vast majority of people are buying, not only are they buying, but they can't get enough and are demanding more!
by Geoff Prince (blog)

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A True US Patriot (selections)

2 A True US Patriot holds the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence to be self-evident, and defends the Constitutional rights of others even when those rights conflict with personal and religious beliefs; believing that all men are created equal, even in times of war, the basic principles of humanity apply not only to one group of people or nation, but to all.
3 A True US Patriot supports the checks and balances within the three branches of government and rejects any attempts to circumvent or undermine them.
6 A True US Patriot believes that human rights are inherent to the human condition and should not be given to non-living entities; the rights of corporations should not equal or exceed the rights of any individual, and the right to fair and equal trade as well as fair and equal pay are a vital part of those expectations.
10 A True US Patriot respects the diversity and culture of all nations, recognizing that our continued success lay not in spite of other nations but in alliance with them in a uniform approach toward promoting the global general welfare.


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