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October 2015

May 2015

January 2015

- December 2013 -

Site moved to current domain.

August 2013

The site is now fully revised/updated.
  • New Google Maps (API3), cleaned up code throughout site, new contact email
  • Photos of the 1918 Train Schedule >

July 2013

  • The site is undergoing a long overdue overhaul
  • It is being recoded without framesets, new maps are being added, etc.

November 2009

August 2007

  • You Tube Videos of Metro North trains on the New Canaan Branch line...
  • Glenbrook Station was originally on the main line...
  • 1953 map illustrating that there were stations at both Springdale Cemetery and Woodway

May 2007

  • 1874 Springdale Map displaying proposed alternative route through the "Shino Plains" of Springdale

September 2005

  • Interactive Maps - tripled zoom control amount for quicker zooming
  • Selected historical photos gleaned from the Fred Makowsky UConn collection with accompanying map location buttons have been input in the Historical Photos -> Locomotives & Rolling Stock Section
    • Many thanks to Laura Katz Smith, C.A. -- Curator for Business, Railroad, Labor and Ethnic Heritage and Immigration Collections, University of Connecticut Libraries -- for permission to use these photos
    • Interactive Historical Map updated to include location/access buttons to these photos