Woodway Train Station

There were two other station stops on the New Canaan line. One was Springdale Cemetery and the other was Woodway. Both were flag stops.

  • Woodway had a three sided shelter along the track with an earth platform. There was an access path through the woods.
  • Springdale Cemetery had no platform, no station, no lights, people were dropped off or picked up on Camp Avenue Crossing and the lighting was from a regular street light on a telephone pole.

When the M-2's hit the railroad in the early 1970's, there were three station changes on the New Canaan Branch. Springdale station was moved somewhat to the south about a tenth of a mile to a location where the track was straight, no crossings were involved and at least some parking could be made available. (see old photos)

The Springdale Cemetery stop at Camp Avenue was closed entirely as was Woodway which was less than a mile from Talmadge Hill Station. (Springdale Cemetery was one third of a mile from the old Springdale Station.)

This info came from Noel Weaver, posted on New England Railfan - RAILROAD.NET forumlinkOut

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U.S.G.S. topo map 1951
There was a station at Springdale Cemetery as well according to a portion of this March 1953 map

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