Brickyards in Mechanicville

Monster Chimneys in the Woods

As mentioned in my “Retracing the Saratoga & Schuylerville Railroad” page, finding the railroad's right of way as it crossed Brickyard and/or Stillwater Road was tough but seeing strange monster chimneys in the woods was an interesting diversion...

We were intrigued by the almost ghostly silhouettes of monster-size chimneys isolated and scattered in the woods as we drove by. We stopped the car and wrestled through a lot of tough underbrush to get photos. What were these tall relics from the past? Ah, but of course... the name of the road we were traveling on gave it away… Brickyards!

Online research later that night by my friend Gary, confirmed not only that we were indeed exploring the ruins of an old brickyard but the differing shapes of the tops of the two chimneys (one was square, one was round), confirmed we had stumbled upon the exact spot of the brickyard in the photo!

On a return visit, a few days later, I discovered a wall and foundation remnants and marveled at the incredible difference the growth of the forest made.

- Historical Photo of the Spot We Were Exploring -

Mechanicalville Brickyard

Hover over the photo below to highlight the chimney

- Monster Chimneys -

Monster Chimney

Monster Chimney

Monster Chimney

Monster Chimney

Monster Chimney

- Foundations -

Brickyard Wall

Brickyard Wall Close Up/

There is a great aerial "Bird's Eye View" of the chimneys using Bing

- Bricks-


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