Big Bug Bog

Outhouses in Trees...

While researching the old Saratoga & Schuylerville Railroad right of way (ROW), an aerial view of Fish Creek made a trek to the Dyer Switch / Bog Meadow area enticing. The old railroad right of way along the wide open Fish Creek flood plain bisected Route 65 and a small parking area a few hundred feet to the east was the logical place to get started.

Well, as I hiked south on Route 65, an elaborate gate with a sign decorated with humongous bugs sparked my curiosity. It seemed like an easy way in to where I was headed so I plodded in. Suddenly I noticed strange “outhouses” in the trees and thought I had entered some Tolkien-inspired land of elves or wizards! There were a few of these oddities scattered up in the trees. I believe these "outhouses" were places to hide and casually observe wildlife (deer?) but it was kind of a spooky, overcast day which made the whole experience very bizarre.





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