Unraveling the mysteries of a forgotten trolley bridge

Uncovering the Past...

Abutment-thumb[Autumn 2013] - Ever since I saw this old abutment (click on thumbnail on the left) in the woods while heading toward Aqueduct riding by on the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail, I was intrigued. Curious as to its origin, I made an inquiry to the Railroad Experts and quickly got an answer. This was the right of way (ROW) for the interurban line (Schenectady Railway) over the Troy & Schenectady Railroad as it headed towards its bridge over the Mohawk. There is a photo of the Schenectady Railway trestle as it curves over the Troy & Schenectady Railroad on Gino DiCarlo's site. The northside bridge abutment I spotted would be off Gina's photo on the right.

I returned on May 21st, 2014 and snapped some photos of the southside abutment with the intention of building a "then and now" photo comparison. It is amazing—as you will see below with the slider feature—just now much nature has "taken over". What was once a farmer's field is now dense woods and the bridge abutments—while still there—are cloaked in an entanglement of vines, scrub and tree growth.

Photos - South Abutment

Southside Abutment 1

Southside Abutment 2

Southside Abutment 3

Southside Abutment 4

Rollover Photo for path of trolley tracks

Historical Photo Comparison

Drag the slider below to fade between the two maps.
Note the cornerstone commonality.

Railway Bridge - Then Same Location - Now
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