Fish Creek South to Mechanicville

Retracing the S & S ROW - Section 2

Section 2The Mechanicville Branch skirted the east side of Saratoga Lake then veered southeastward to gradually climb to the higher terrain. There are quite a few spots where the ROW crosses current roads and you can find the ROW. The big feature on this section is the Brown Road Bridge Ruins.


Camp Backyards...

Many of the camps along the east side of the lake have the ROW in their backyard.

Nelson Road Acsent

North Approach to Brown Road Bridge new

May 24th, 2014 - It was a wet day but I wandered on the ROW north of the Brown Rd Trestle and found a pile of RR ties and took a nice shot of the embankment.



Brown Road Bridge Ruins

The remaining bridge abutments over Brown Road are pretty impressive as is the mini waterfall and gully next to it. There are a few stacks of hewn timbers from the wooden trestle scattered nearby as well. It must have been a powerful sight to behold in its heyday...

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Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 1 of 6 thumb Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 2 of 6 thumb Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 3 of 6 thumb Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 4 of 6 thumb Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 5 of 6 thumb Brown Road Bridge Abutments - image 6 of 6thumb

Putnam Road

The ROW parallels Putnam Road for a bit and the embankment is clearly visible. As the road turns eastward, the ROW cut through the hillside can be seen. Views of both south and north were photographed. Yellow line indicates ROW.

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Putnam Road Embankment - image 1 of 3 thumb Putnam Road Cut looking northwest - image 2 of 3 thumb Putnam Road Cut looking southeast - image 3 of 3 thumb

Route 70 - Wayville

There were no visible indicators as to where the ROW crossed Rt 70 but according to the Existing Stations in New York State site, this house was once the Wayville train station!

Wayville Station

Route 423 Crossing

Looking northwest on Route 423 (street view posted), the private driveway encompasses the old ROW. A careful study of the landscape on the southern side of the road reveals the ROW's slight embankment.


Rt 423

Rt 423

Rt 75 and Burgess Ave

Paralleling the stream whenever possible, kept the railroad's grade fluctuations to a minimum. Once again, a glance across a field reveals the old railroad embankment.

Rt 75

Rt 75

Rt 75

Rt 75

Lake Road Crossing

After reviewing the aerial shot, a glance out the car window confirmed where the ROW continued...

Lake Rd

Lake Road

Jolly Road Crossing

Although the sunlight was not in our favor for photos, we were compensated with finding the remains of a short bridge.

PS: No that’s not a foamer or a railroad hobo :-) - that’s Gary, a good friend of mine from high school - another crazy out braving the cold in the freezing temps...

Jolly Road North

Jolly Road South

Jolly Road Bridge Remnants

Filke Road Crossing

At Filke Road, a short farm road has taken advantage of the ROW and once again, remnants of a small bridge were found. The sunlight was perfect for the photo of the small bridge remnants.

Filke Road

Filke Road

Filke Bridge Remnants

Van Ness Road Crossing

As the aerial indicates, at Van Ness Road the ROW is seen traveling south through a small valley."Follow the Yellow Brick Road?" - No, just "Follow the Power/Telephone lines..."

Van Ness Road

Van Ness

Brickyard and Stillwater Road Crossings

It was tough to discern the ROW in this area but seeing strange monster chimneys in the woods [sidebar] more than made up for this loss. The ROW appears—from the aerial—to be where the power lines cross the roads.

Brickyard Aerial

RR Curve Aerial

In a continuation of the aerial above, the Saratoga & Schuylerville ROW descended the hill in a wide curve, then headed northward to Stillwater. The other double track in the aerial below is the Boston and Maine Railroad mainline (actually now the Pan Am Southern Railroad) heading eastward towards the Hudson River crossing. (see photo)


Stillwater - End of the Line

Some of the ROW has been converted into a Multi-Use trail and is easy to find as you turn north on Railroad Ave and continue on Kellogg Road.- you can see the stone work. Trail Info >

The Champlain Canal existed along here as well, hence the side street name Towpath Road. Russ Nelson's Open Street Map is a great resource for not only zeroing in on Stillwater but tracing the whole ROW as well.

Stillwater Map - 1898The Aerial - Stillwater





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