Oil: Want & Waste

The world, as we know it today, is built and dependent on oil...

This highly-coveted energy resource has reached its zenith--being non-renewable, the implications for our global future are enormous


An animated quick summary about the uses and consumption of oil, the significance of Peak Oil and thoughts for the future.

uploaded 03/12/07

Links to websites containing further info and opinions on peak oil

Oil: Want and Waste
(The Peak Oil Project)

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The Peak Oil Project is a comprehensive overview of the adverse and alarming consequences inherent with the end of cheap oil.

Fully indexed for easy navigation, the Peak Oil Project is an interactive learning reference outlining the history, current dependencies and future projections of oil as a global resource.

Weaving topical music with thought-provoking animations, the narrative features a large array of quotes & statistics by experts enhanced with user-driven scalable graphs.

uploaded 12/06/05
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The Peak Oil Project
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