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In 1920, just within the city limits, Buffalo had 223 miles of street railways and it’s street cars carried 191,200,048 passengers in 1919!. Twenty suburban villages were connected to downtown Buffalo and all owed their development to the street railway systems of Buffalo.

As the map below indicates, Buffalo had an extensive streetcar system and was well connected to the closest large cites with it's interurbans. A special attraction was the famous Great Gorge Route. An engineering marvel for its time, this trolley line ran at water level along the bottom of the gorge to Niagara Falls.

Buffalo Area Map

Pan and zoom in and out on the map below for a detailed understanding of the various trolley companies in service in 1924.

Interurban Timelines - Predecessors/Mergers/End of Life

Rochester, Lockport and Buffalo Railroad

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Buffalo's Street Car System



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