Big River Park Trails

West Greenwich, Rhode Island


This a great place to ride—every which way you turn there are trails and more trails. The trails are fast and flowy and there is a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs that keep it interesting. Although many of the trails were created decades ago by motorcycles and interwoven with old farmer and logging roads, much of what is highlighted on the maps below is custom-made tight single-track obviously built and maintained by local mountain bikers. The initial ride out of the parking lot on DNA is a testament to their handiwork.

Big River ThumbnailAs you can see from the thumbnail map on the right, the trail maps below only encompass a small section of this enormous park. There are a myriad of trails - all great but most aren’t blazed and there is no signage. Not an issue if you know the park but for newbies it can be daunting. Using the OpenStreet map as a reference, I have added layers of info to help orient riders. The IMBA-sponsored MTB Project Map was a great help as well for trail names. Many of the trails in the recommended IMBA loop if I recall are blazed yellow but I have solicited help from locals to update these maps as accurately as possible (blaze colors, other trail names, etc.).

Update (8-27-16):
"Big River is a Water Management Area, not a park or recreation area, so we're having an especially difficult time getting official permission to do anything to support biking or hiking, including signage or a formal trail marking system. Currently there is nothing even remotely official or formal to the yellow and red paint marks haphazardly resembling blazes--it's mostly kids (we think) leaving breadcrumbs to whatever destination is popular that month.We're still trying, and maybe someday you'll visit again and will be able to ride "The Yellow Trail" - Alan Winsor - RI NEMBA Trail Rep for Big River

The New London Turnpike (the gray-dashed diagonal on the map) is just a dirt road and a great landmark to use if you lose your bearings. This is paradise for mountain bikers of ALL skill levels. The best place to park is at the lot near I95 on New London Turnpike.

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Big River Park Trail Map
Big River Park Trail Map (Topo)
Big River Trail Map (IMBA recommended)

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