Interactive Trail Maps (Flash-authored)

Fairfield County, Connecticut

These interactive trail maps were authored in Adobe Flash a few years back. They were part of the FCNEMBA Trail guide and very useful to mountain bikers at the time. As technology evolved and everything seemed to migrate to mobile, they were pulled from that site and given a new home here as a record of the Flash work I hod done during that era.

Steve Jobs first killed Flash on the iPhone and iPad way back in 2010 or so and then on January 2020, Google nailed the coffin shut by no longer supporting it on the Chrome browser. Frankly it's a shame as you could do a lot of great things with an incredibly small footrpint.

Click on the icons on the map below to check out the power of Flash... (in its heyday smile ).

Wilton Bennetts/Hemlock Hills Huntington Trumbull Mianus

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